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Checker BPG has a twenty year publishing history and has been a trendsetter in the industry identifying, recovering, and publishing some of the most legendary comics material of all time. Checker has now begun an extensive upgrade to the RPG industry’s best know super hero role paying game –SUPERHERO 2044.

FEB 2016

The Grand Daddy of all Superhero role playing games returns with an updated SUPERHERO 2044 version  which will (re)set the standard for the super hero game genre. With extensive artwork by the industry’s top artists and upgraded game play by some of the hottest and most respected game designers  this milestone in the industry returns with a vengeance in Feb. 2016. The game will also expand to include a collectable card version as well as a comprehensive pre-designed super hero universe.

This game will launch on Kickstarter in February of 2016 and we will be updating the site frequently with  new artwork, pages samples, card samples, and other important news.

Stay tuned for more info.

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